Estonia – my Country

Estonia – it is a unique tiny Northern-European country with its beautiful northern nature, friendly and open-minded people and rich cultural legacy. With its location between Finland, Sweden and Latvia Estonia’s 4000 years of history and culture are full of interesting fragments from Swedish, German, Danish, Finnish culture. Estonia’s capitol Tallinn is famous all over the Europe with its unique old town part that has been built in Middle Ages but also with its openness to the sea and nature.

Estonia is member of both European Union and NATO and has also signed the Kyoto protocols.

Estonian nature is rich of northern beauty: it has moody spring, short summer, colorful autumn and snowy winter. Almost half of the 45 227 sq. km of the Estonian territory is covered with forest and this area is growing. With some 1450 lakes (including the fifth biggest lake in Europe) and more than 7000 rivers, streams and drainage ditches Estonia is rich of cold crystal pure water. More than 1500 islands in the coastal waters enrich the country mainland.

With its population of 1.3 million people Estonia is a country with one of the smallest populations in the European Union. The Estonians are Finno-Ugric people, very closely related to the Finns and so is the Estonian language.

Estonians share much of the thing called the Nordic Character: they love cross country skiing over the snowy fields, sauna with its contrasts of almost burning hot air inside the sauna room and freezing refreshment in the snow or water outside and spending the dark winter night next to the fireplace with living fire in it.

Estonia a Nordic pearl. Come, taste, experience the Nordic refreshment, the one and only Estonia!